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In Matthew 7 Jesus makes this amazing statement:  “Ask and it shall be given.  Everyone that asks receives.”  Did you get that?  EVERYONE that asks receives.  I don’t know that we have really seen what Jesus was saying to us here.  God gives us what He has provided for us when we ask Him.

I think many look at that promise and for whatever reason they don’t really think it applies to them, or they don’t think it will work for them.  I think we want to believe that is true.  We acknowledge the one who said it as true, but our experiences with asking, and not getting what we ask for, sort of cause us to not take those words to heart.  But let’s remember who said this – Jesus, God incarnate, the very image and likeness of the Father, speaking only those things He heard the Father say, faultless, unable to lie, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Therefore, we must come to the conclusion that this is true, and it is possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime to always receive their requests of God.

Some will say, “Yeah, but I asked for such and such and didn’t get it.” They will then begin to tell you all the reasons why God didn’t, or wouldn’t give it to them. We have to stop slandering God like that. That type of human reasoning is just not true.  It is unbelief and contrary to what Jesus said.

Do you realize that I could give you something, but you could still fail to receive it? I could deliver something to your door but if you won’t pick it up, take it inside, and open the package then you would fail to have what I gave to you. People would call you crazy if you blamed it on me because you did not receive what I gave you and delivered to your front door.  The problem is not with the giver.  The problem is with the receiver.

That’s a natural example of receiving, and we all know how to receive what someone gives to us naturally, but we don’t interact with God on a natural level. He is unseen to us. The Bible tells us that He is a spirit, and we know that spiritual things are unseen. So, how do we receive what is unseen? Jesus gave us perfect instructions in this.  To receive from God we will have to do that by faith. We will have to take God at His word.

He said everyone that asks receives, so let’s expound on that a little by looking at another statement that Jesus made about asking and receiving. In Mark 11:24 Jesus said, “Therefore I say unto you that what things soever you desire when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them.” We see here that us believing that we receive is essential to us having what we asked for.  So, let’s put these two instructions about receiving from God together: Everyone that asks receives, so believe you receive what you ask, and you shall have it.

You are not believing you receive if after you ask you then make excuses for, or question, why God didn’t give it to you. You have actually disqualified yourself from receiving what you asked for because you didn’t follow the instructions. God didn’t disqualify you. You did. You didn’t believe that you received it. That’s part of the instruction for receiving the unseen.

Remember what James says, “Let him ask in faith. Nothing wavering. For a man that wavereth is like a wave of the sea, tossed to and fro, and let not that man think that HE shall receive anything of the Lord.” My friend, when Jesus said that everyone that asks receives, He meant it. He meant for us to believe that God heard us and granted our request.  We should declare we have it. It is ours. We got it when we asked, and we shall see it. It shall come to pass.

Many have used these exact instructions to receive salvation, but for whatever reason they then try to go about getting other things they need from God a different way – a natural way. They want to see it first and then believe it. They want to act right before they will believe they are saved.  They want to see their healing before they will believe they are healed.  Again, that is contrary to Jesus’ instructions about receiving from God. There is no other way to receive from God but by faith.

In Galatians Paul rebuked them for trying to get things from God in a natural way after that they had already received Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit by faith. If God gave the very most important things that believers need by faith (the new birth and the gift of the Spirit) then why would one think He would give lesser things a different way? No, anything and everything that God gives He gives it the exact same way – by faith.

There is nothing in Heaven that God is withholding from us, but we must make the way, the connection, to get what’s there to where we are.

We could think of faith as a bridge between what we see and what we do not see. That bridge of faith connects us to Heaven and all that God has freely given to us, but God will not build this bridge nor keep it open for us. There is nothing that is in Heaven that God is withholding from us, but we must make the way, the connection, to get what’s there to where we are.

Our words are that bridge that connect us to Heaven. In the late 90’s I was praying in the Spirit one day, and these words came up out of me: “There is a river that flows from Heaven. It flows from my Spirit into your spirit and out of your mouth, and upon this river things of divine origin do flow.” (I wrote that down immediately, but I really didn’t need to. I have never forgotten it from that day to this day.)

What things come out of our mouths? Words do. Words are unseen, yet we can physically experience them in this seen realm that we live in. Words connect the spiritual realm to the physical realm.  Jesus said himself that His words were spirit and life. Words exist in Heaven, and words exist in the earth. Spirits use words. Spirits that live in a body also use words. They are the common factor in the realm of the unseen and the seen. Therefore, for God to get something to us He must use that method of transportation that is common to both Heaven and Earth.

For example, someone in Hawaii couldn’t place an order from another location and expect to receive it delivered there by a vehicle. No, the means of transportation would have to be by plane or by ship because of the physical separation of those two land masses. Planes and ships are common to both places. They are able to travel from one land mass to the other, and in a sense connect them. So it is with words. Words are able to travel from Heaven to Earth and vice versa. Again, words are the common transportation method of both Heaven and Earth.

To get from one place to another here on Earth we use roads. One road may take you to one destination, while the other will take you somewhere completely different. People would think you were crazy if you ended up in the wrong place because you thought that just any road would get you there. No, we know each road has a different destination, and so it is with words. There are heavenly words that lead to heavens resources, and there are earthly words that do not lead there. But don’t be deceived, all words lead to somewhere. We must make sure that we are mapping and following the words that will bring us to Gods supply for us. We do that by coming into agreement and staying in agreement with what He has said.

Joshua told the people this about Moses’ words to them, “turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper withersoever thou goest.” That sounds a lot like directions doesn’t it? In essence he was setting them on a path to success that led to Gods blessings. Don’t just go anyway that you choose, because not all words lead to God. God has a road, a way, that will lead you straight to Him and to what He has provided.

Jesus is called the Word of God for a reason. Words connect Heaven and Earth. They connect God to mankind. We receive righteousness, sonship, and every other good gift from above by agreeing with God’s word. Jesus, the Word, is the way, the road, the path, the connection to Heaven, and we must not veer from His words. He said this about words relating to receiving from God: “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done for you.” So, do you see the importance of believing and saying the right words? What you want comes through right words and right believing.

I’ve tried to explain in detail about words while making the point about receiving from God because what we say is what we believe, and what we believe is what we will do. What we continue to do is what leads us to where we are going and what God is able to get to us.

Receiving from God is easy when you see it. It is the opposite of how we receive naturally, but it’s actually much easier than receiving naturally because we are not required to do.  It is not based on our performance, or our works.  We are just required to believe, and everyone can believe; thus making Gods promises sure to all. It just requires our faith, and if you can believe then all things are possible to you [because God has given us all things].

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