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When I got saved I had every intention of being a good Church of Christ boy, or a good Baptist boy. I really did. Growing up I knew of good men and women that attended those Churches and I thought I would come back home and follow that path. Something happened to me a few days later that changed that though.

I had no real knowledge of the Bible, and I became frustrated trying to study it. I couldn’t understand it. I told God that I knew I was supposed to read it, and if He didn’t help me that I wasn’t gonna mess with it anymore.

Not long after that, I was laying in bed praying in my mind silently. I began to tell God how grateful I was that He had forgiven me, and that I knew that He had orchestrated my life (good and bad) to bring me to this point of faith in Him. I just poured my heart out to him in gratitude and tears.

What happened next I was not prepared for. No man taught it to me. I hadn’t even made it that far in the Bible to read about these experiences. Sort of like what Paul said: He received the Gospel by revelation. No man taught it to him.

“And suddenly there came a from heaven a sound like a rushing mighty wind and it filled the entire house where they were sitting.” ¬†Acts 2:2

I lay there exhausted from crying when all of sudden this power hit me. It went inside of me. I could hear it. It sounded like I was standing a foot away from a jet engine’s rushing exhaust. I heard that on the inside of me. I could feel it too. Every muscle in my body tensed. It was the most intense power I have ever encountered, and I felt like if it didn’t get out of me that I would die. This only lasted for about 5 seconds and it went out of me. I felt it go out through my ears. (My ears literally popped like when you change elevations going down a hill or in a plane.) I was stunned and trying to figure out what just happened, but before I could even try to understand what had happened, it happened again. Exactly the same experience, but shorter this time. It only lasted a second or two.

From that night I knew my plans of being a good Church boy and coming back to live a simple life were over. How could I never tell that story? How could I discount that encounter with God in any way? How could I not give what had freely been given to me? When you really encounter God simple is out the window. There is a fire lit in your soul that nothing can put out. Criticizm, hardship, struggles with the flesh, nothing can put it out.

From that time forward the Bible became alive to me. It jumped off the page and into my heart. The words in that book are the most precious thing in this world to me because Jesus inhabits those words. An ability to understand that book came to me as a result of that experience, and the more I saw in it the more it changed me and the more I burned to share it with others.

I’m not religious, and I don’t want to be religious. I don’t want to just go to Church two days a week because it’s my Christian duty. I want to have Church every living moment. I want to wake up with his word on my lips and dream about it while I sleep. I want to reproduce in others what happened to me. I want to see others believe those words and develop their own relationship and experiences with God.

I know that’s not natural. It’s anything but natural. Most people I know are not like that, and I’m sure I get on their nerves at times. But if being natural minded is what makes me accepted then I would just rather be unaccepted by some people. I’ve encountered a supernatural God, with supernatural power and love, and I’m ruined to what used to appease me.

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