Why it’s important to pray for our President

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The Bible tells us in Romans 13 that rulers (kings, presidents, prime ministers, and men in position of government authority) are God’s ministers.  (I’m sure I’ll lose a lot of readers right there, but these are not my words.  This is straight from the Bible.)  Further, it tells us to be subject to them;  to pay tributes (taxes) that they require of all citizens ; to give them honor and reverence their office.

I think many people conclude that these words of the Apostle Paul don’t apply in our day and age.  They think the Apostle Paul was just referring to Christian rulers who always do the right thing.  Yet these words were not written in a time when that was the case.  The Roman Empire was controlling most of the known world at the time Paul wrote these words and Caesar was anything but Christian and moral.  So, if these words applied to Christians then, they must also apply to us now.

Don’t misunderstand me however.  I don’t believe these directions ever instruct us to violate our faith in the Word of God and bow to tyrants.  Nor should they diminish our testimony in any way.  For example, consider the Apostle Paul.  He was arrested on false accusations and brought before the chief priest for questioning.  After realizing who he was speaking to, Paul apologized to him – having spoken harsh words to him.   He reverenced the office that God had placed that man into.  Yet, he testified boldly of his faith in Jesus Christ and the mission which he had been given.  Later, his reverence and boldness nearly brought those who heard him (a governor and a king) to faith in Jesus.

Today I don’t think many people have any reverence for the office our leaders have been placed into.  They cast harsh, vile, unloving words at the men and women whom God has appointed over them.  I understand the frustration that people feel when our leaders do things that are not right, and I’m not suggesting in any way that we don’t voice our opinions about what we think is right and wrong.  Many do voice those opinions, but it seems that when they are not heard that they somehow think mixing those opinions with hatred might have more affect.

It’s imperative that the Body of Christ stop this kind of behavior, and if you will follow along with me I want to explain why.

Men and women who have been given authority to rule over us make decisions everyday that affect our quality of life currently and for years to come.  Those decisions can be good decisions that affect us in a positive way, and those decisions can be bad and they will affect us negatively.  That is a very obvious conclusion that really can’t be argued with, so we can conclude if our quality of life is not as good as it once was then some very bad decisions have been made.

Now, I want to tell you why those decisions have been made if you can handle it.  First and foremost the devil is influencing not just these politicians, but also the Church.  The Church has the authority to stop these things from happening no matter who, or what party, is in office.  Instead of yielding to God and His direction, the Church has allowed the devil to steamroll his agenda right into our lives.  Realizing the devil is behind all of this civil unrest is not a major revelation to most Christians.  What does need to be a major revelation to Christians though is that their mouth has allowed the enemy to do all of this.

The Church has put the authority that God has given them in their pockets expecting hatred to do the work that only grace can accomplish.

Following the lead of unbelievers throughout recent decades Christians have yielded their mouths in hatred toward politicians.  Contrary to times past many never pray for our leaders as we are directed to do first of all – before we pray for anything else.  And if they do pray, they then turn around and nullify their own prayers by again yielding to the political mudslinging that they learned somewhere other than the Bible.  Some Christians talk hate just like the world does, and then wonder why their prayers are of no effect.  By doing so, the Church has put the authority that God has given them in their pockets expecting hatred to do the work that only grace can accomplish.

I challenge you to biblically submit yourselves in fear to these men and women, and pray fervently for them and our Nation.  American does not have to continue down the same path we are headed.  Only the Church has been given authority in the Earth to intercede for our leaders and to influence and change our course.  God is not going to step down from Heaven and pray for us.  It’s up to us to pray, and it’s up to Him to then respond to those heartfelt prayers.

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour;  –  I Timothy 2:1-3

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