About Us

Rock Church is a Church that preaches and teaches the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus died for all, and our mandate from God is to reach all and to take the Good News of His Son, Jesus Christ, to every inch of this Globe.

God spoke to our Pastor that we would be used to reach one at a time and millions at once through outreaches at our Church facility, local outreaches in our area, and international outreaches such as this website that literally covers the world.

We love God’s rainbow of skin colors that He designed, and so we accept all people as God’s wonderful, planned, and special creation.  God doesn’t make failure or mistakes, and every person is here on purpose and by God’s design.

There in no one else like you.  God has special plans for you, that no one else but you can do.

We love you already before we’ve even met you, and we will help you grow in God.  Come visit us and see why we call Rock Church our home.

If you live out or our area, we will do our best to put tools in your hands that will help you become a strong Christian man, woman, boy or girl.

May God’s Richest and Best be yours……..